Session Participants’ Quotes

Assiniboine Community College:
The education of all Canadians is essential for going forward… history, relevance for today’s world.”

East Side Road Authority Inc.: “We hired Allen to deliver Cultural Awareness training to our staff with great results. His indepth knowledge and personable nature created a comfortable learning environment for our staff. A lot of our staff are new to working with First Nations people and Allen was able to create an open environment to ask questions and learn. Also, the timeline tool that we purchased from Allen is a helpful tool for continuous learning in the organization.”

Health Canada:

Timeline poster was very helpful to grasp the scale of the situation. Allen was very well spoken and prepared.”

Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc: “The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. has had the opportunity to work with Allen in his role as Facilitator since 2007. He is truly knowledgeable regarding the history of our peoples and lands, and his style of work is always stellar!! We look forward to working with Allen for many years to come!”

Manitoba Department of Justice – Corrections:
I enjoyed all parts of the presentation and understand the importance of Treaties and what they mean to all citizens of this country. Great presentation.”

Manitoba Justice – Youth Corrections Centre:
I enjoyed all the information that was told.”

Winnipeg City Police Services:
Excellent presenter, made everything relevant… the history chart and (life) examples really helped me better understand what really happened.”

Miskobiik Lodge:
WOW!!! Awesome story and teaching. You are a relaxed gentleman. I am happy to observed your work.”

Morden Collegiate Institute:
I enjoyed how he explained everything with detail that was easy to understand and follow.”

MTS Allstream:
I was impressed with the presentation. Good information on the how/when/why of Treaties and their development.”

Southern First Nation Network of Care: “Allen is a very spiritual man who carries with him a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and a willingness to share. I recommend him for any spiritual training you need.”

Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation:
Very uplifting and it feeds into everything that I have been working on ‘Personal Growth and Self Awareness’… his story challenged me to look at myself and how to deal with situations. Thank you!”

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Social Work:
Allen is not only engaging & dynamic in presentation, he is knowledgeable & truthful and shares his experiential knowledge which is the most valuable of teaching tools.”

“Enjoyable experience speaker was warm, engaging, good sense of humour, presented informations in accessible manner, extremely useful.”


Session: Effective Leadership: Traditional Teachings for Contemporary Leaders, Canada’s First Nations Health Managers (January 2009)

What participants said…

“Very inspirational and very well presented and leaves us to bring back to our communities good ideas for how to implement our traditional teachings into our modern organizations.”


“ I have always been a believer that in order for our people to heal, we need to go back and understand where we came from, what happened and where we are going. I believe First Nations healers/managers should know the history.  As we cannot assume because we are First Nations that we know the history – most don’t. It is my intent to use the teachings to the best of my abilities and to further enhance my skills regarding First Nations history that will further enable me to pass the knowledge. Review current vision and mission of health department to ensure First Nations members are being healthy and programs developed, meet their needs.”


“Facilitator extremely animated and delivered a fantastic workshop – providing insight from generations past and challenging us to bring balance as we proactively evolve as people/ communities/ nations.”


“I had received my BSW degree and had been educated in the history of First Nations people. The speaker in this workshop was excellent!!! More in depth, more information. Thank you. I’m passionate about my culture and when I can get teachings, I’m fulfilled. It all makes sense. I know that our ancestors were very intelligent beings. They looked after their people for 7 generations ahead. Our leaders need to learn this and re-learn our values again and live and learn the 7 sacred gifts of life. Very good speaker; knows his stuff. Good job. “


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